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Dolichocolon is an abnormal lengthening of voltaren pills. It manifests itself as persistent long-term constipation, a feeling of incomplete emptying after defecation, non-localized abdominal pain, and flatulence. Diagnosed using irrigoscopy, colonoscopy, plain radiography of the abdominal cavity, histological analysis of biopsy material and AChE test. For therapy, drugs are used that increase the volume of intestinal contents, osmotic and contact laxatives, prokinetics, antispasmodics and antifoams. Surgical treatment involves performing segmental or subtotal resection of the colon, colectomy or detorsion.

Dolichocolon is the most common malformation of the large intestine, detected in more than a third of newborns. Abnormal lengthening of various parts of the colon is diagnosed in half of patients who suffer from constipation for a long time. Since in developed countries chronic stool retention is detected in 30-40% of the working population, the prevalence of clinically pronounced forms of dolichocolon can presumably reach 15-20%. Given the existence of bessIn symptomatic forms of intestinal elongation, this figure may be even higher. Certain difficulties in diagnosing the condition are due to the fact that today the criteria for normal size of the colon are not clearly defined.

The normal development of the large intestine can be disrupted under the influence of diclofenac microorganisms that enter the fetus's body from the mother. Toxoplasma, Treponema pallidum, causative agents of rubella, herpetic and cytomegalovirus infections have the greatest teratogenic effect. Toxic substances. Dysontogenesis of the digestive organs is more often observed in children born to mothers who smoked, consumed alcohol and used drugs during gestation. The formation of dolichocolon can also occur under the influence of industrial poisons - lithium, lead and mercury salts. Ionizing radiation. Receiving a teratogenic dose of radiation is possible if safety regulations are violated at nuclear power facilities and in research radiological laboratories. In sporadic cases, pregnant employees of radiation therapy departments receive critical radiation exposure.

Causes of dolichocolon Pathogenesis Classification Symptoms of dolichocolon Complications Diagnostics Treatment of dolichocolon Prognosis and prevention Prices for treatment. Traditionally, dolichocolon is considered a congenital defect of the colon. The anomaly is probably of dysontogenetic rather than hereditary origin. Most likely, critical effects on embryogenesis occur at 8, 13, 16 and 20 weeks of the prenatal period, when the developing colon is most sensitive to buy voltaren online. Possible damaging factors are: Infectious diseases.

The mechanism of dolichocolon development has not been fully established. Presumably, in congenital forms of the anomaly, the influence of teratogenic factors during sensitive periods of the formation of the lower gastrointestinal tract leads to excessive growth of one or more parts of the intestine. Since the structure of the muscle layer is normal, the intestine does not expand. The formation of acquired dolichocolon is associated with overflow of the large intestine with feces due to deterioration of the motility of its wall, disruption of absorption processes and the intake of large amounts of fiber.

A number of authors admit the possibility of acquired forms of dolichocolon. According to buy diclofenac online experts in the field of modern proctology, lengthening of individual parts or the entire large intestine is observed in patients who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are vegetarians or vegans, and abuse enemas. Dysbacteriosis, biliary dyskinesia and varicose veins are considered as prerequisites for the disease. Systematization of dolichocolon forms is carried out taking into account anatomical and clinical criteria. Depending on the predominantly affected part of the intestine, variants such as total, subtotal, left-sided, right-sided, dolichotransversum and dolichosigma are distinguished. When choosing the optimal tactics for patient management, the clinical form of the disease is taken into account.

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